Karena totally replanted my garden so that even in mid-winter it looks fantastic. She offers an incredible service which will save me money in the long run as now I don't need to buy plants all the time.
Brian Godbold, Former Chairman of the British Fashion Council

1         Initial consultation
The initial consultation is usually held on site. At the meeting I will discuss your requirements, show you examples of my work and help you identify a realistic budget. I will also look at any available plans.

2         Site survey
A survey forms the basis of all design work. On small level sites measurements will be carried out in house. On larger or more complex sites, a surveyor will be instructed to produce a detailed land survey. In both cases I will conduct a photo survey as part of the site evaluation.

3         Preliminary concept
The preliminary concept consists of a plan and sections to illustrate design intent, accompanied by images where relevant. The plan acts as a discussion document and ideally I will present this to you in person.

4         Design development
If there are amendments required, the plans are revised. During design development I will examine any possible planning implications and consult with specialists, such as structural engineers, arboriculturalists, and lighting and irrigation consultants, as required. I will also carry out product research and supply you with sample materials where possible.

5         Detailed proposals
The final plans will show all the information that will be required by the contractors to build the project and will include final layout plans; lighting and irrigation diagrams; planting plans; and detail drawings.

6         Schedule of works
This document provides a breakdown of all the works. It is sent out to contractors tendering to do the work with the detailed proposals to enable them to price the works.

7         Construction
Depending on location and client preference, I am available either to inspect work at key stages during construction or for ad hoc consultation as required.

8         Supply of plants, sculpture, furniture and light fittings
I have extensive contacts with nurseries, galleries and wholesalers in this country and abroad.

9         Management
A garden may take several years to mature. As it develops I can advise on how to supplement the planting if necessary and how to maintain existing plants.